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lauren prats

owner: HiBrow + Palm Stone

Two things I love most in life are beauty and skincare products and going somewhere that involves an experience. After working at a local spa for over 10 years I knew I wanted to give my clients  more. I rented a tiny corner in my friends hair salon and  started a  facebook business page and instagram page and began posting before and afters of brow waxes. I started to see that my new clients really needed help when its came to filling in their eyebrows. Next came the brow products and I was never really prepared for what happened next!

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Danielle Greco

owner: Palm Stone

Danielle Greco owner: Palm Stone I started working as an Esthetician in 2012 after graduating from John Jay. It only took one day for me to realize this was it! I have found something I’m truly excited about. I wish I would have started right after high school instead of wasted efforts toward an Art degree. However, I did gain ten years of service industry experience in the process and wouldn’t have the same work ethic without it. Honestly, I started my career at the perfect time. I made some great friends in Beauty School and met Lauren shortly after. We met when she was just starting Hibrow and needed some help. I was impressed by her ambition and knew she had something special. In the beginning, I maybe waxed two people a day. We still laugh about how small my paychecks were. I’m so glad I stuck with it. These last four years have been amazing! I get to do what I love in the company of friends. I also appreciate the value of working with women who support each other.