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Frost up your life!!


Frosted lipstick is 1 90’s trend we are welcoming back!

I shared a picture of a custom lipstick i made for a client and it totally brought me back to the 90’s. I couldn’t get over how strange it was to wear something I said I would never wear again! I had no idea the post would create so much interest. It has been our #1 requested product for LipMix thus far! The color was made as a color match and is available by appointment or you can try some of our products that we made available to come in and pick up. What I have taken away from this latest post is that as women we really do want to step outside our comfort zone and have fun with makeup! I always hear “I could never wear anything like that!” or “I’m just a mom and can't get it together” From one mom to another, where in the mom book did it say you have to stop having fun and feeling girly? Take a risk, wear that fun lip color that you bought and have kept in your makeup drawer. Let your daughter or son pick out a color for you and let them see you in it! True story, I took my youngest son with me to Sephora one time because I had errands to run and I was looking for a certain lipstick color, Dylan said “ Mom I like this one!” I told him purple was not my favorite LOL! I told him what I was looking for and he was on a mission! To this day if I wear the lipstick he picked out for me he gets so excited and there is almost a sense of pride! Make the time, and be a little bold and tell your significant other to take you out and enjoy getting dressed up. Don’t wait, or like all other trends they will go away as, quick as they came.

P.S. -Its all smoke and mirrors, I’m just here to share the secrets ! Lauren Prats


We mixed up a few options. Try something new!

Find the look that's right for you.

Neutral Frost

Take this look from day to night


Apply the red pigment first with an eyeshadow sponge. After apply the color in the compact with your finger to add more frost and lighten the color.

Loves the idea

Wants a kiss of the trend


Custom Lip Gloss

by LipMix

This gloss will feel less scary but you are adding this “trend” into your makeup bag!


Frost Yourself

Is there a thing as too much frost?


Apply brow pigment with a eyeshadow sponge first. Apply our HiBrow highlighter in “Champagne Beige” for even more frost.

Lauren Prats