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Manicures and Pedicures will focus on using
healthy and natural products that will have anti aging, smoothing and healing benefits. Our pedicures provide a new and exciting experience by not using traditional pedicure equipment. Pedicures will be customized for the feet just like our facials at HiBrow.

LipMix creates custom lipgloss, lipstick and lip balms. Our Artists can create and shade, tone and color for anyone. Color match your favorite color that has been discontinued and bring it back to life.

"Live in Color"




lauren prats

owner: HiBrow + Palm Stone

With the success of Hibrow I knew I wanted to do something else with the nail industry. I wanted to create something really fun and unique for a party with girlfriends or just running in and out for your maintenance manicures while still receiving a great treatment. I wanted to do this with someone with as much passion for the industry as me and would bring a different level of expertise. Danielle from Hibrow,  was the perfect addition and she happened to be my best friend. She is the ying to my yang and we can't wait to add some color to your life!

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Danielle Greco

owner: Palm Stone

Danielle Greco owner: Palm Stone I started working as an Esthetician in 2012 after graduating from John Jay. It only took one day for me to realize this was it! I have found something I’m truly excited about. I wish I would have started right after high school instead of wasted efforts toward an Art degree. However, I did gain ten years of service industry experience in the process and wouldn’t have the same work ethic without it. Honestly, I started my career at the perfect time. I made some great friends in Beauty School and met Lauren shortly after. We met when she was just starting Hibrow and needed some help. I was impressed by her ambition and knew she had something special. In the beginning, I maybe waxed two people a day. We still laugh about how small my paychecks were. I’m so glad I stuck with it. These last four years have been amazing! I get to do what I love in the company of friends. I also appreciate the value of working with women who support each other.